Pastors and Imams Must Organize Parental care seminars to Help Curb Child Carelessness Acts on Social Media


The Creative Arts Business Consultant, Benjamin Oduro Arhin Jnr also known as Bnoskka has reacted to the precarious fight between Tracy Boakye and Mzbel.

He said children misbehave and put up unacceptable behaviour due to lack of parental control and negligence on some parents also results domestic accidents.

Mzbel and Tracy Boakye’s could be traced to the fact that Pastor Nigel Gaisie is alleged to have given some preposterous information to Tracy to the detriment of Mzbel.

The root cause of this unfortunate social banter could be elevated to two things.
1. It could be a planned skim to get audience and followers on social media for views for their entertainment business.

2. It could also mean that the there is a real problem which lack of parental control has aggravated their anger to be spied over the superficial internet highway for masses viewing and criticisms.

Which in either way do not help their brands as role models for future girls and children who follow them and listen to them.

Let us start early to train our children from today onwards about communication regarding state issues both in private and on public platform.

I urge all Imams in all our Mosques to organize programs on Parenting in the community Mosques and I also urge all Church Pastors to also do same for their members.

Non governmental organizations should also start to gear their educational campaigns in this regards.

As the Watch Your Tongue Campaign General Secretary, we have already started doing our bits with our Think right, Speak right, Act right and Write right approach.



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