Pentecost University College and All Nations University College to award their own certificates


The Pentecost University College (Accra) and the All Nations University College (Koforidua) have both been presented with Presidential Charters at a ceremony held at the Jubilee House in Accra on the 28th of May, 2020. The Charters, according to President Nana Akuffo Addo will now transition the two educational institutions into autonomous Universities, with the capacity, from now, to award students their own diplomas and degrees.

In his speech at the ceremony, the President acknowledged that Ghana’s educational system, just like any other country, falls into both the Public and Private institutions. He emphasized that the Public institutions are established by an Act of Parliament, with the backing to issue their own diplomas and degrees. On the other hand, Private University Colleges are formed through the visionary scope of private individuals, and, are required to go through an expected period of mentorship and supervision by a recognized public University for the award of certificates (diplomas and degrees) to its students.

Nana Akuffo Addo acknowledged that after ten (10) years of operating as a Private University College, institutions in such capacity could apply to the National Accreditation Board for a Presidential Charter. The Charter will enable them to award their Certificates (diplomas and degrees), having met the necessary requisites in finance, governance, infrastructure development, and academic matters. According to the President, the two Universities have sufficiently achieved in quality assurance and rigorous accreditation of National Accreditation Board and based on the recommendation by the National Accreditation; he is pleased to offer them a Presidential Charter.

He added that the two Universities have a better foundation to manage their academic affairs in the capacity extended to them. Further, the two universities have the requisite structures, which will render the institutions to run their operations with minimum supervision in the management of their educational programmes. The President was quick to add that beside all the achievements of the two universities, which have won them the Presidential Charter, the Charter may be revoked on the recommendation of the National Accreditation Board.

Thus, the Charters does not give the Universities the right to operate beyond the jurisdiction of their academic capacity or run programmes beyond what has been approved by the National Accreditation Board. Nana Akuffo urged the two Universities to improve continuously in their capacity, and bring on board, enhanced and innovative programmes or educational courses to equip their student body with the requisite capacity essential to the development and transformation of the country.

The President further urged the two Universities to carve niche areas continuously and to differentiate themselves from other Universities. Nana Akuffo Addo added that he expects all other Private University Colleges to in the future, be able to sufficiently meet the requirements of National Accreditation Board, and obtain Presidential Charter to render them autonomous educational institutions in the country. He believes such a mark will be essential to the development and growth of the country.

President Nana Akuffo established the position of the Government, the National Accreditation Board, Public Universities, and the National Council for Tertiary Education’s readiness of support to all Private University Colleges in the country.



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