Pirates are now benefiting from our hardwork on the digital platforms- Paa Solo


Ghanaian legendary hightlife singer Paa Solo of Sibo Brothers fame who has about 25 albums to his credit has made some revelations about music before and now.

The music environment has changed now, in our days we under studied the likes of Nana Ampadu, Paa Bobo and others, it made us well equipped and prepared for the job, the sale of albums and CDs were our major source of revenue but the system has changed.

The current environment thrives on digital promotion and social media unlike our days.

“The unfortunate issue is before some of us got to understand the digital systems some pirates had already uploaded our songs and videos on the digital platforms, they are now enjoying from our hardwork which is very bad”

Paa Solo made these revelations in an interview with Ohemaa Woyeje on Angel 102.9fm.

He is currently out with a new single titled “Special Day” featuring Dada KD and Disaab.

By: Kojo Kinn


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