Prez Buhari Gives Green Light On Importation Of Potential Cure For Covid 19


The president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari has ordered for the importation of a potential cure for the coronavirus from Madagascar. 

The herbal tea named COVID-organics was launched last month by Madagascar’s President Andry Rajoelina. The tea in question, created from the Artemisia plant which has been used in the manufacture of anti-malaria drugs is a product of the Malagasy Institute of Applied Research (IMRA).
Despite the fact that Madagascar’s national clinical foundation has cautioned that no logical proof has been built to prove that COVID – organics works, the legislature began distributing the homegrown tea to residents.

News reports throughout the weekend show that samples of the natural tea are being transported to other African countries including Nigeria, Ghana, and Congo. 

“I have received instructions from Mr. President to make arrangements freight it home with clear instructions I should subject it to the validation process similar to what would happen to any other medicine, serum or vaccine that is created internally”  The Covid-19 Presidential Task Force Boss Mustapha revealed.

Story By Kwasi Frimpong Yeboah


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