Her tears, her wails, her plea, all fell on deaf ears as she picked up the little pieces of her dress to cover up her nakedness. She asked herself, Is being a female a crime?

This is the plight women and children face everyday especially in African countries. We live in in a society where there is an existence of rape culture which has come to stay. These trying times owing to COVID-19 has turned most females into sex toys and machines due to lockdown in various countries. As the fight to end racism goes on, the fight of rape calls for much attention.

On Wednesday 27 May 2020, another young girl was added to the long list of rape victims. Uwa Omozuwa a 22 year old student of University of Benin, Nigeria died after being raped in a church auditorium. Aside being raped she was physically assaulted leading to multiple injuries and her death was confirmed on 30th May 2020. The Governor of Edo State, Obasebi has ordered the police to  launch investigations in order to bring the perpetrator to book. Uwa’s story has sparked anger and the demand for justice, and social media is being used as a medium to communicate this message. #Justice4Uwa

   Just like Uwa, there are other victims whose families and friends seek justice. Seven year old girl from the Adjen Kotoku family in the Greater Accra Region whose name has been witheld expressed how they sought for justice but to no avail. Rape is seen as a normal act in our societies. Victims are blamed instead of perpetrators. Even though there are systems to help bring justice, there is still no justice due to corruption and our acceptance of rape culture.  You open up about being abused and you are condemned.

In Ghana according to the Annual Crime Statistics released by the Ghana Police Service a total of 1,686 defilement cases were recorded nationwide in 2017, while in the previous year (2016) only 1,391 cases were recorded. This shows an increase by 295 cases and yet nothing is being done.

Rape is the worst form of human abuse. Rape perpetrators need to understand that the female body is not public property. Society needs to let go of rape culture and accept victims not judge them. There is an urgent need and call for justice. Justice 4Uwa and all other victims of this barbaric act.





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