Reason why a musician was shot by his landlord at Ofankor!


Barely 24 hours ago, the news of the death of a musician allegedly shot by his landlord sparked the airwaves, putting many in a state of disbelief. The case was reported to the mile 7 Police station which is supervised by DSP George Asare. The deceased, Benjamin Otchere (31 years) is a tenant to one of the houses of the suspect, Victor Stephen Nana Kamkam (38 years).

Per reports, the deceased, a budding musician rented an apartment from the suspect for a 2-year period, which was due to end the Sunday, the 24th of May 2020. Reports indicate that before the incidence, the deceased had held an open talk for an extension of the rent agreement but, the landlord (the alleged murderer) wasn’t open to the idea of having the rent agreement extended and thus insisted on the deceased to park out.

No grace period was offered to the deceased to enable him to search for a new apartment to move in. The incidence has left many wondering why a landlord would extend such behaviour to his tenant and subsequently murder him.

In the wake of the event, an interview monitored on PeaceFm’s early morning show, “Kokrokoo” hosted by Kwame Sefa Kayi, DSP George Asare who is the Mile 7 District Commander of Police unveiled the story behind the alleged murder. In his explanation, he disclosed that Victor Stephen Nana Kamkam (landlord) expressed interest in a lady who is a friend to the deceased and asked the deceased help him win over the lady.

Information gathered by the Police, according to DSP Asare suggests that the suspect is a womanizer. A lady who spoke to the Police confirmed the womanizing nature of the suspect. The deceased on the remark of his landlord agreed to assist him in getting into contact with the lady and subsequently build a romantic relationship from there. The deceased did what his landlord had required of him and succeeded in getting the landlord and the lady friend in contact.

However, the deceased connived with the lady and extorted vast sums of monies and gifts from the landlord. By this, the deceased succeeded extorting lots of monies from his landlord through the lady friend. However, with time, the landlord came to the realization of the joint decision by the two friends to extort monies from him and became furious. Nana Kamkam decided to take revenge on the deceased, and thus required of him to move out of his apartment on the very day of his rent expired without any grace period.

However, the deceased reached out to his landlord and requested for a grace period to enable him to search for a different apartment, but the landlord insisted he packs out the same day.

On Sunday, the 24th of May 2020 the suspect visited the residence and insisted on the tenant (deceased) to move out, which resulted in a heated argument. In the course of the argument, the landlord pulled out an AK47 rifle and allegedly shot Benjamin (tenant) at very close range, injuring him severely in the process. The suspect shot the deceased in the chest area of his body, stomach and the penis.

In total, he shot the deceased more than four times. DSP Asare acknowledged that before the incidence, the deceased had confided in a friend who is a Police, of multiple threats from the landlord. The Police, upon arrival, took the Benjamin to the Police Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival. Upon arrival at the residence of the deceased, a pool of blood was seen at the entrance. Four empty shells were picked-up at the residence of the deceased.

The police team lead by DSP Asare proceeded to the house of the landlord at Ofankor and upon a search conducted at his residence, retrieved two (2) pump action guns loaded with seven (7) and eight (8) rounds of cartridges each. The body of the deceased is being preserved at the Police hospital morgue pending autopsy. The suspect, Victor Stephen Nana Kamkam has however been detained to assist the security service in their investigations.




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