Reports of 2 MP’s and 13 Staff of Parliament testing positive for Covid-19 is true – Minority leader, Mubarak Mohammed Muntaka.


Reports cited on Starr FM yesterday, 26th May 2020 indicated two Members of Parliament and thirteen staff have tested positive to covid-19. When Parliament resumed session on 19th May 2020, the Speaker of Parliament, Professor Mike Quaye called on the medical personnel and clerk of the house to take samples of all Members of Parliament and staff for testing.

This came about in the wake of a welcome address to the house when Parliament resumed session. The Law-making house earlier denied the results of the test as reported by Starr FM. In a statement released by Parliament as of 26th May 2020, the house entreated the general public to disregard the news of the test results and consider it as false.

The statement went ahead to call on Starr Fm to withdraw the report and update the public on the actual position of the test results which is not yet known to the Parliament as the house waits on the medical team to take necessary procedures in this regard.

Further, the statement emphasized that confidentiality protocol is being extended to the test procedure, and all persons who test positive for the virus will be called directly by the medical personnel of the house. As at the time Parliament released the statement, it particularly emphasized that the house is unaware of a call to any of its members, and thus, disregards reports in circulation as false. Accordingly, Starr Fm took the directions of Parliament and asked its readers and the general public to disregard, and treat its earlier reports as false.

Barely 24 hours after the statement from Parliament, Minority leader, Mubarak Mohammed Muntaka, claims the earlier report by Starr Fm is accurate and factual. Speaking to Daniel Dadzie on Joy Prime’s morning show on Wednesday 27th May 2020, the Asawasi Member of Parliament has claimed that two members of the House of Parliament and 13 staff have tested positive for Covid-19 amid the mandatory test called for by the Speaker of Parliament.

He further indicated that the affected persons were called by the medical team and informed of their status. Meanwhile, the affected persons have been isolated while contact tracing is being carried out.

Commenting on the statement released by Parliament, the honourable Member of Parliament emphasized that there has been some sort of miscommunication from Parliament. He added that if he’s allowed to respond to the media, he will inform the media to wait until the test process is completed, as testing is still in progress.

Honourable Muntaka added that the test procedures are expected to be completed by Saturday. He urged the media not to create panic but to wait on the completion of the test process, and if necessary, any development will be communicated to them.

Lastly, Honourable Muntaka added that the statement from Parliament, denying the reports in the media, is an endangerment to the life of the remaining Members of Parliament, staff, and the general population. Per the directions of the Speaker of Parliament, it is believed that samples of about 690 persons of the Parliament House have been taken for testing.



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