The committee of Scientist in Senegal have given extended greenlight to the use of the potion produced by Madagascar for treatment of Convid-19 patients. Senegal has received samples of the medication. After clinical tests, the country’s scientific committee has approved the efficacy of the potion, giving the state the confidence to extend the remedy in treatment of its positive cases.

Speaking on Radio Futurs Medias, Mr Daouda Ndiaye, the head of the Scientific Committee of Senegal emphasized that the country is adopting the use of Artemisia which is the main component of the potion produced by Madagascar (CVO – Madagascar’s Convid Organic). He further noted the country’s readiness to place in control measures to see how this remedy will be given to patients suffering from the pandemic. Mr. Ndiaye concluded that they have given green light to the use of the medication.

In the wake of this call, the country is not looking forward to import the remedy to fight the pandemic but is instead putting looking to reproduce the potion having tested the main component for efficacy. Acknowledging the efforts of Madagascar, Senegalese President, Macky Sall, applauded the step taken by Madagascar. He said, “I salute the effort of Madagascar in the search for therapeutic remedies which Senegal is keenly following with interest.” Earlier last month, the President of Madagascar announced his country had found a formula to the global pandemic.

Until now, WHO is yet to approve the remedy for global usage and has cautioned countries to desist from resorting to drug. The World Health Organization has called on Madagascar to take the drug through appropriate scientific checks. In this order, the WHO has stated its readiness to collaborate with the country through the scientific trails of its formula. Meanwhile, as at yesterday, 12th May 2020, Madagascar had recorded 186 cases, with 105 recoveries and no death.

Speaking to France 24, a French news channel, Mr Rajoelina extended his displeasure at WHO – insisting that the formula wouldn’t have received many doubts had it come from any European country. Meanwhile, other countries including South Africa have extended their support to assist Madagascar in the scientific trails. The African Union has also stated its desire to see test results of the formula to ensure its safety and efficacy for member states.

The Convid-19 situation of Senegal currently stands at 1,995 positive cases, 742 recovery and 19 deaths. Following the test results of Senegal, it is unclear if other African nations will take steps to test the main component of the remedy, Artemisia, for safety and efficacy. The scientific committee of Senegal concluded by stating THAT the medication is viable for both prevention and cure of the global Pandemic -Covid-19. It is believed that Madagascar has shipped samples of the remedy to some African countries to testing purposes.

The recovery results from Senegal after its latest decision on MCO, if positive, will definitely influence the decisions of many African nations to resort to the remedy for scientific trials and possible usage.


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