The Electoral Commission Urges all Ghanaians to Register.


Ghana parliament has now given the greenlight to the controversial issues concerning the Electoral Commission and have therefore given them the green light to issue the new voters register. Out of 198 members of parliament who were present 102 votered in favour of the EC to use the Ghana card and the Ghanaian passport only as a medium to identify all Ghanaians as they believe this is the best way to make the register credible.

A successful voter who have undergone through the registration can at least guarantee for 10 people which the Ec believe is the fear way for all Ghanaians.

96 of the parliamentary members also voter against the Ec decision. The Electoral commission presented the public amendment regulation,2020(C.I. 126) to parliament to amend C.I 91 to change the current voters register. Due to majority votes, the supreme court has therefore given the EC the greenlight to commerce a new voters register.


1. Security, The Ec promised to ensure that security will be provided by the security agencies at all the 33,367 designated registration centers with police and other enforcement agencies to protect live and properties during the exercise.

2. Protecting of EC officials, All Ec officials will be provided with the appropiate PPE’s to protect themselves as they commerce the registration exercise,also social distancing between Ec officials and applicants will be observed.

3. Covid19 measures, The Ec urged the public to adhere to the satey measures,including the wearing of mask to all registration centres,maintaining the social distancing,temperature check and using the hand based sanitizers to protect the applicants from contracting the covid19 virus.

                           TRAINING.                                    The Electoral Commission has finished training it’s officials,of how to use the new kits purchased, and are therefore to be deployed to all their 33,367 designated registration centers for registration to commence.

  • The Ec has therefore given the final date to be June 30th 2020, to start registration.
  • You can only vote and decide if you get yourself registered, The EC urges all Ghanaians.

TIME AND THOSE WHO ARE ELIBLE                                  TO REGISTER

The Electoral Commission has announced to the general public that registration starts at 0700 hours and ends at 1800 hours, Thus from 7:00am to 6:00pm each day starting from 30th June to 6th August 2020.

Ghanaians of 18 years old and above and of sound mind are expected to register, in their electoral areas where they reside. They are therefore, remind to come with either a Ghana card or a passport.

Finally, the EC urges all Ghanaians to get themselves registered so they can decide and vote for the upcoming 2020 elections for a peaceful democracy.


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