The Ga traditional council has lifted the ban on noise making in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana


Each year, there is a custom rites the Ga traditional tribe in Ghana perform to embark its commemoration of the Homowo festival in the greater region of Ghana.

Before the festival in May of every year noise making is banned, it is believed by the Ga’s that May is a saintly month and therefore their gods are not deemed to be disturb.

Churches, funerals, birthday parties, customary rites drumming and singing and everything that leads to noise-making are ban in May for a grace period of one month, which is always lifted for the second week in June, then in August the Homowo festival commerce. This year 2020 the rites have been performed, Thursday 11th of June the ban was lifted for ongoing social lives, like music, singing and drumming.

We had it rumour that due to the coronavirus, the Homowo festival that brings the Ga’s from far and near together to reconcile with family and friends and to give thanks to their gods may not come off. Maybe time will tell.


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