The judiciary system remuneration is not attractive – Supreme Court Justice Nominee, Yonni Kulendi hints.


Today, 12th May, 2020, as part of the constitutional requirements to ensure that nominated supreme court justices are scrutinized by the appointment committee, Emmanuel Yonni Kulendi, appeared before the committee to answer public interest questions.

Yonni Kulendi is part of the four supreme court justices nominated by President Akufo-Addo to replace the outgoing justices in Ghana. The nominee during the vetting process, answered several questions and one was on the attractiveness of the Judiciary remuneration system. In response to the question whether the remuneration system is attractive to him, he revealed that his motivation to accept this nomination as a supreme court justice is not about money.

He hinted that, the remuneration system of the Ghana’s judiciary system is not attractive and that is why many good lawyers are shying away to practice law privately. According to him, when lawyers look at their personal bills such as school fees, utility bills and other financial demands, they are not convinced that practicing law in the public sector can help them sustain their lives.

Yonni Kulendi, made it known to the committee that, if money was his motivation, he would have never accepted the nomination to become a supreme court justice. “The thirst to serve the country and ensure that there is fairness in legal administration is my motivation”, he revealed.

The vetting committee will decide on the nomination of the Yonni Kulendi based on his responses and demeanor during the vetting process. The minority leader, Haruna Iddrusu congratulated him and wished him the best of luck, if his nomination is approved.




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