The sharp rise in Covid-19 recoveries in Ghana, Dr. Okoe-Boye explains


Whiles the improvement in recovery rate of Covid-19 cases in Ghana excites large section of the Ghanaian population, the figures have left others to question the authenticity of the recoveries. Commenting on the rise in recovery cases of Covi-19 in Ghana on Joynews, The Deputy Minister of Health, Dr. Okoe-Boye has complemented stringent measures followed by the Ghana Health Service, as the prime reason behind the rise in recovery rate.

He acknowledged that the Ghana Health Service is following protocols, definite and distinct from what other nations are doing. Dr. Okoe-Boye explains that Covid-19 patients undergoing treatment are required to test negative to two-stages of test procedures before they are declared recovered, which he said, isn’t done across many other countries. Explaining the recovery procedure, he emphasized that a patient must first cease to exhibit symptoms of the virus. He or she is then taken through two successive test procedures before proven recovered if both tests come out as negative.

The explanation by Dr. Okoe- Boye, if taken in due consideration means, Ghana stands in the position of announcing more recoveries if the country is to resort to only one test procedure as against the two test procedures adopted by the Ghana Health Service. He acknowledged that the country is strictly following criteria laid down by the World Health Organization.

Dr. Okoe-Boye concluded his message by dismissing all claims of false reports on the recovery rates announced by the Ghana Health Service. He acknowledged that medical personnel working on the COVID-19 cases are experts and do not belong to a particular political party, and thus, wouldn’t report false recovery rates at the interest of any political party.


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