Thinking about the next generations: The only way Africa can enjoy sustainable developments


For many centuries, the Jews race control half of the world’s wealth. They still control the world’s largest resources though. Everywhere they go, they succeed and dominate economically. For them, there’s nothing like geographical limitations. Whether in Africa, Asia, Europe, America, etc, they rule economically. They succeed in every climatic and economic conditions, political systems and even in financial crisis.  I believe they are worth emulating by anyone who is interested in economic freedom.

The Jews are noted for their way of thinking, their mindset, lifestyle and perspectives about life. Apparently, that’s the secret behind their economic growth. One of the interesting traits about them is their delay of gratification, internalization, focus and self believe. Their actions are focused on generations. Even when they are sleeping, eating, drinking, walking, they think about the consequences of those actions on the next generation. They always think about the effect of their current actions and behaviours on the next generations. They are called the GENERATIONAL THINKERS because they are interested in the generational effects of their existence.

Contemporarily, the world had experienced many generational thinkers who were not even Jews. Example of generational thinkers are the Wright Brothers, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Mask, Isaac Newton, Steven Hawkins, Colonel Sanders, Abraham Lincoln, Kwame Nkrumah, Aliko Dangote, Jerry John Rawlings, Nmadi Azikiwe, Sonie Abacha, Muhammed Gaddafi and so forth. I can go on and on to list as many generational thinkers as possible, but I believe with these few names you can easily resonate with the context of this article.

The Wright Brothers thought of solving generational problems and invented the Airplane.  Isaac Newton- the electric bulb, Abraham Lincoln- democracy. These people denied themselves the luxury of the moments just to make the next generations comfortable. They made all those sacrifices not for themselves but for generations. To make life easy for next generations they had to even die and go through pains to see the next generations being comfortable.  We are where we are now because of these selfless generational thinkers. The next generation developments will largely depend on today’s generational thinkers. Are you one of them? Are you a generational thinker or a myopic thinker?

Generational thinkers can even sacrifice their luxurious lifestyle to make the next generations better. They can go through pains, suffering, frustrations, embarrassment or even die for the next generation.  I believe that’s the secret of the Jews race. A Jewish always focus on making the next generation of Jewish better. A Jewish can sacrifice his or her car and house just for the next generations to get cars and houses. Before a Jewish is born, many created opportunities are patiently waiting for him or her. It’s very unfortunate we see some generations inheriting poverty from their previous generations because the previous generations were myopic thinkers.

In our part of the world- Africa, sometimes it saddens my heart when I see people fighting for food and souvenirs at events. Some people even yearn and fight for takeaways. When people are thinking of how to make the next generations better with brilliant ideas, some people are also fighting for their stomach and selfish interests. They yearn to fill their stomach at every event they attend. See, a generational thinker doesn’t overeat and overdrink at events because he or she always care about how other people can also get some of the food and drinks at the events. That’s like thinking about the next generations. If you care about the next generations ehn, you will never waste resources and overdo things. You will never satisfy your selfish interest at the expense of other people.  You will never do things at the expense of your own reputation because reputations have significant effects on generations. Your reputation today can either elevate or degrade the next generations from your lineage.

Surprisingly, many people fail to see the generational effects of their financial debt. Some people often borrow money and pretend as if there’s nothing at stake.  They can even decide to pay the debt or not. What they fail to understand is that their bad creditworthiness always affects other innocent people. When you borrow money and you don’t pay, it prevents the lender from giving money to other people who are genuinely in need. Your credit behaviour can affect the trust issues of the lender and the lender may find it difficult to lend people money. Also, when you don’t pay your debt, you short circuit the process of giving and prevent other people from enjoying from giving.  A generational thinker always considers the effects of this debt behaviour on the next generation, and ensure that they pay their debt as promised just to provide more lending and giving opportunities to the next generation. Myopic thinkers don’t see the need to pay their debts.

The category of people with the highest opportunity to be generational thinkers are POLITICIANS.  But unfortunately, we don’t have enough politicians who are generational thinkers because of selfish interests underpinned with myopic thinking.  Instead of them to die for their country, some prefer the citizenry to die for them. It’s about time we start being generational thinkers to join the Jews in enjoying economic freedom. We have to start paying attention to our behaviours and actions today for a better generation tomorrow. In all our engagements, encounters and our services to humanity, let’s consider the consequences it will have on the next generation. Let’s be generational thinkers.


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