Video: Police officer found with 84 parcels of “wee”


An officer of the Tesano-Accra Formed Police Unit (FPU) was caught after his car crashed on the Kpeve highlands in the Volta Region over the weekend, and he was discovered with numerous bundles of Indian Hemp.

G/Sergeant Lotsu Agbeko, 36, was pursued by coworkers after failing to halt at the Have police barrier.

The following is the whole police report:

“On 11/06/2022 at 1230 hours, 45638 G/Sgt Lotsu Agbeko, 36, stationed at FPU, Tesano Accra, was in-charge of his personal Blue Black Toyota Corolla s with registration number GC 1069–09 and was carrying a dried leaf presumed to be Indian hemp.”

That the above-mentioned police officer was transporting suspected Indian hemp from Have direction and failed to halt at the Have police barrier when directed to do so by personnel on duty. He attempted to flee but was pursued by the troops.

When he arrived to a portion of the road on Kpeve Mountain, he was engaged in an accident and suffered a fracture in his left hand. 84 packets of compressed dried leaf were discovered in his vehicle boot. He was, however, taken to Peki Government Hospital for treatment. He is responding positively to therapy. More information will be provided when it becomes available.”



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