Vim Lady in Trouble for wishing Nana Akufo Addo well in his 14-days self-isolation


Oftentimes when politicians take some of these media persons on, they are described as intolerant. They tend to be at the receiving end of their over-utilized mantra, ‘arrogance of power’ just because they also have views to espouse.

President Akufo-Addo, through the Minister for Information, has taken a 14-day precautionary self-isolation measure in compliance with COVID-19 protocols. In the same letter announcing that decision, emphasis was made on the fact that the President has tested negative though one person within his circles has tested positive.

Definitely, Ghanaians, those who genuinely bear the President no ill-will and would want nothing bad to happen to him, are concerned. Afia Pokuaa of Despite Media shares the letter on her Facebook timeline, asks Ghanaians to pray for the President which in itself is not anything bad.

However, some unscrupulous elements, people who would want the worst thing to happen to the President, mocked the president and Afia Pokuaa to laughed.

One Nana Frimpong Michael writes that ”he would not use the small fufu he has gulped down to pray for a politician who is corrupt and dishonest” and Vim Lady, instead of reprimanding him, rather laughs. This didn’t go down well with some leaders in the NPP party and have bitterly responded to her reaction.

According to the leaders, the reaction of Vim Lady is the height of insentience to allow such a comment under her post and it is unfathomable why she laughs over such a silly comment. They believe that, for someone who purports to help a lame dog over a stile to end up joining in deriding the same person could only be interpreted as not having honest intentions.

They said it is disheartening how Afia Pokuaa could allow this on her post as it amounts to setting a very bad example for the young ones in the media fraternity to emulate. According to the leaders, they see nothing wrong with her calls for prayers to be said for the President, would it also not be appropriate for her to use her timeline to also call on Ghanaians to pray for the workers at Despite Media since some of them have tested positive to COVID-19?

Well, we are on the horns of a dilemma trying to understand what Vim Lady did with her post. If we truly mean well for the President, we must demonstrate same till the end. Afia should realize that she cannot exhibit a trait that shows she wishes the President well but at the same time join in his derision when an abbreviated piece of nothing makes some disparaging remarks against the President. The two scenarios are in conflict with each other.

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