Vote Bnoskka for MUSIGA 1ST VICE CHAIRMAN:To Link arts to business and protect creativity


Benjamin O. Arhin Jnr is my name popularly known as BNOSKKA _I’m telling you_

This is Bnoskka, am a Creative Arts Business & Intellectual Property Consultant, and also an Assistant Lecturer at Music Education dept, School of Creative Arts, University of Education, Winneba. I am a music composer, and music professional service provider and a member of Musicians Union of Ghana since 2014.

I’m not a liberator, I cannot set you free from your music career struggle, I cannot promise you heaven on earth, neither can I say I will make MUSIGA work as the best or NOT.

My utmost desire is to assist each every musician either a member of MUSIGA or not, to understand the process of how one can link their arts to business while protecting their creativity.

As a consultant, I have identified some basic fundamental principles and routines that if one is willing to undertake, can make a great impact in ones music business.

Music is business, and every business requires an attitude of positive mentality devoid of insults, and any other negative thoughts of impossibility.

Its my hope to offer music business practices through education while assistant those who are willing to learn new media and it’s business paradigms.

As Bnoskka, I have noted with great reviews of the powerful articles and clauses in the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) constitution, that if one takes his or her time to read to abide by it tenets, almost every member will be fairly satisfied.

I have had lots of workshops and seminars on Creative Arts, Copyright and Intellectual property free of charge besides my paid consultancy services.

One thing I have constantly been confronted is the knowledge bases of music industry players and consumers, the legal implications of the creative arts industry and the business practices that drives in money to creators and rights owners.

Whatever be the case let us together in rhythm use the ladder of MUSIGA to explore our talents and generate entrepreneurial spirit for the good of MUSIGA and Ghana. 🇬🇭

This is Bnoskka, I’m telling you to vote for me as Greater Accra Regional 1st Vice Chairman if you are a paid-up member of MUSIGA.

Benjamin O. Arhin Jnr
(BNOSKKA) is no. 4 on the 1st Vice Chairman Ballot Paper of the Greater Accra Region Musicians of Union of Ghana election on 12th January 2022.

Thanks for your attention.
_This is Bnoskka, I’m telling you._


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