Watch Your Tongue Foundation Ghana(WYT) , a non governmental organisation has launched its 2021 campaign theme.

This was launched in collaboration with the Amnesty international Ghana on the theme, “Child Protection Campaign”(CPC) which seeks to avocate for
child rights protection.

Present at the event were speakers from various related institutions which included The founder of the Watch Your Tongue Campaign Sergeant Daniel Ofori-Appiah well known as Officer KOA, the acting director of Amnesty international Mr. Frank Doyi who was also the chairman for the programme, Madam Elizabeth Comfort Adomako, the board vice chair of Amnesty International, the board treasurer, Mrs Cynthia Adu Darko and Mr. Michael Abiaw, a representative of the chief director of the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection who all spoke in turns on the subject.

Speaking at the launch on the topic “The Role of Parents and Other Stakeholders in Children’s Development”, Officer KOA , founder of Watch Your Tongue Campaign, admonished the negative use of the tongue especially when it comes to the upbringing of children.

He urged parents and other stakeholders through a propounded concept called the “Parent Code” to help build a safe and conducive environment where children can have access to their parents and guardians and also be confidently open to problem sharing and decision making process

“We, the team , Watch Your Tongue intend to join forces with all and sundry to help build a safe and conducive environment for children to grow and become the rightful overseers of the next generation “ he said.

To end his speech, he
urged the citizenry to Think Right, Speak Right, Act Right and Write Right in their daily endeavors.

On the role of women in child protection, madam Comfort Adomako the board vice chair advised parents especially mothers not to totally entrust their children in others in their quest to look for money as it is one of the major causes of child abuse.

Mr. Abiaw from the Ministry of gender and social protection also spoke on the children act 560 1998, under section 6 sub section 1 to 4,which outlines the role of parents in child protection.

He revealed from statistics that
about 94 percent of children have experienced some form of violence of which one out 5 children within the ages of 5 and 17 are engaged in child labour from the statistics according to data collection. Children who have lost
their first line of protection (parents) are more vulnerable to cases of abuse, he added.

Also speaking at the launch was the acting director of Amnesty International and the chairman for the programme who on behalf of the team launched the 2021 Watch Your Tongue Campaign theme. He outline the role of the institutions in protecting the fundamental human rights which includes the
protection of child rights.

In his closing remarks, he urged the media to keep promoting and protecting the fundamental human rights as they are at the forth front of setting the agenda when it comes to promoting and protecting the rights of children.

By: Priscilla Awinbe Kusaah


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