We made Mc-Angel comedy hit 5 million subscribers within a year- Frank K. Harrison


Ceo of SAP Media Frank K. Harrison who is a technology innovator, digital solutions architect, development activist and social media marketer is bent on educating Ghanaian content creators on the right ways to maximize their online revenue.

SAP MEDIA is a Ghanaian online platform which is Africa’s number one-stop-shop for managing your digital content on YouTube, providing you with perfect solutions to enhance your content related revenues.

SAP MEDIA brings premium content to over 5,000 global video distributors and social media marketers.

Speaking in a interview with Eddie Ray on Kasapa fm , Frank stated a lot of issues confronting Ghanaian content creators in maximising their online revenue , he stated lack of proper digital distribution, administering, publishing among others.

” We made Nigerian comedian Mc-Angel hit 1million subscribers with his Emmanuella comedy series in a year ” He revealed

He also revealed working with a lot of musicians and content creators in Ghana, Africa and the world and looks forward to working with a lot of Ghanaians to maximise their online revenue base.

Frank recently won Social Media Marketer of the year award in 2021 Top Entertainment Awards Ghana.

Watch Video Below:


By: Kojo Kinn


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