Woyome’s properties to be transferred to the National Security – AG calls on the Supreme Court



Mr Alfred Agbesi Wayome appeared before the Supreme Court on Tuesday, the 2nd of June 2020 hoping to have a turn around on the event of having his properties confiscated and auctioned. Following an application by the Attorney General encouraging the Supreme court to seize properties of Mr Woyome and have them transferred to the National Security, Mr Woyome appeared before the court to plea on the matter.

However, Justin Anin Yeboah speaking to the court emphasized that if Woyome has the money, he should pay the amount he owes the State and have his properties released to him. The Attorney General’s reason for reaching out to the supreme court is to avoid defying the express orders of the Supreme to have properties of the business mogul auctioned, publicly. Thus, the Attorney General, though representing a branch of the government cannot take the sole course of transferring the properties of the Mr Woyome to the National Security.

The pending issue is that the licensed auctioneer is encountering problems having the properties auctioned to pay off the debt owed by Mr Woyome. There is an order to Mr Woyome to refund a wrongful payment extended to him by the State to the amount of GHS 51.2 Million. The Supreme Court of the Republic of Ghana on the 29th of July 2014 found that the money paid to Mr Woyome was unconstitutional. That means, the contract serving as the basis for the payment between the State and Waterville Holdings Limited agreed in 2006 for the construction of a stadia for Cup of Africa 2008 was invalid.

The lead up to the Supreme Court of Ghana of this case began when the country’s current Special Prosecutor took initiation of the wrongful payment to Mr Woyome in his capacity as a good citizen of the country. The court found Mr Woyome of receiving an unlawful payment on a contract found invalid. In March 2016, Mr Woyome prayed the court to extend three years to him to allow him to repay the State, but the Supreme Court denied his plea.

Amid all these, the businessman refunded the State GHS 4 million in November 2016 and later, an additional amount of GHS 600,000.00. He further promised to repay the balance by a quarterly disbursement of GHS 5 million, starting from the 1st of April, 2017. He, however, failed in this capacity to fulfil the payment schedule. Mr Woyome went ahead to challenge the Supreme Court in several legal cases, challenging the ruling of the court of a wrongful payment made to him but the court disputed his calls and dismissed all of these.

Again, the business mogul in an attempt to have him dismissed of the State charge sought assistance from the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the African Court of Justice. The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), however, threw out the relief plea sought by Mr Woyome on the merit that he had inappropriately invoked its jurisdiction.

The properties of Mr Woyome sought to be transferred to the National Security include two mansions at Trassaco Estate, an office complex of Anator Holdings, a house at Kpehe, a stone quarry, including its plants, and a residential building at Abelemkpe. A large section of the Ghanaian population is still hopeful the State takes back every penny of the payment wrongfully received by Mr Woyome.




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